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Driving Lessons Leeds

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Essential Life Skill

Taking driving lessons Leeds is something that almost everyone does at some point in their lives as driving is an essential life skill that most people would struggle to live without. Learning to drive is thrilling and exciting, not to mention the masses of freedom that you get after passing your driving test. Taking driving lessons sooner rather than later means that you don't have to hang around waiting for public transport any longer! You have the freedom to go wherever you want in the city of Leeds and beyond!

Why you should book Driving Lessons with Just Driving

Booking with us ensures that you receive driving lessons in Leeds that are taught by respected and professional driving instructors. All of our instructors are DSA registered and always give pupils all their attention when taking driving tuition. Making sure that you trust your instructor is important, especially as you're placing your trust within them to keep you safe when driving. You can rest assured that when taking lessons with us you're 100% safe and no danger will ever present itself as long as you're with Just Driving!

When Should I Book My Driving Lessons Leeds?

There isn't a set time when it's recommended to take driving lessons in Leeds, it's whenever you feel ready to take them! Just make sure that before you book your lessons you're ready to commit yourself 100% to passing your driving test. We have seen many pupils who take lessons on and off throughout their life and it takes them longer to pass and costs a lot more.

What documentation Do I Need to Book?

You need certain documents before you book with any driving schools in Leeds. First a provisional driving licence, if you don't have one you it's very easy to apply for a provisional driving licence and get on your way with booking your lessons in Leeds. If you have any questions at all about applying for your provisional driving licence just give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Who will take you on your Lessons?

When booking your driving lessons you will get one of our friendly and fun driving instructors in Leeds! We make sure that your driving experience is a fun one by only franchise out to the best instructor in the whole of Leeds.

What Makes A Good Driver?
There are hundreds of good drivers on the road in the UK today, but for every good driver, there is unfortunately a bad one to match. Imagine a road with only good drivers; accidents would be limited to an absolute minimum, if at all! But what makes a good driver and how can you make sure that you become one if you aren’t already?
Published 19th Novemeber 2013

5 Driving Laws You Should Be Aware Of
The complex nature of the law makes it hard for the average motorist to know and understand all driving legislation that has ever, or will ever be enacted. It’s important to be aware of the following 5 driving laws as a motorist, but if you aren’t yet, you will be after reading!
Published 21st November 2013

Introductory Offer

Our Trademark introductory offer for complete novice pupils, or pupils at a very low standard of driving is 6 lessons for only £58.50! Terms and conditions apply please call for more details.

Hourly Rate

Our normal driving lessons rate in Leeds is £19.50 per hour.

Our normal Automatic Driving Lessons in Leeds charge is £24.00 per hour.

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Our Driving Lessons Prices are very competitive

We make sure here at Just Driving that we constantly monitor our competitors hourly pricesto make sure we are the best on the market!

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